Terabyte hard drive fan noise

my drive is beginning to send me quite potty!! the fan has now decided to kick in practically all the time and the noise is really distracting. the drive is located in a well ventilated spot and the drive isn’t to warm to the touch.

does anyone have any ideas? can i reset the temp at which the fan comes on? can i solve this problem? shall i smash it with a hammer?

help please before i lose the will to live… and no I cannot relocate it at a distance or in another room!!

I’d go for a replacement if I were you, dude.

Yes thank you but given what I paid for it and the fact that it is only 4 years old i think there must be a better solution frankly… Have to say I’m getting really bored with shelling out $$ for digital equipment only for it to fail after a very short life span… Back in the day if analogue equipment failed as regularly then the manufacturer went out of business but nowadays they just seem to carry on regardless and get richer with a “what do you expect” attitude…

Not good enough Western Digital…not good enough at all!!

I completely agree with this.  The drive is only 3 to 4 years old.  You shouldn’t have to replace hard drives for at least 5 years or more, and hard drives working for 10 years isn’t unheard of.

It’s apparent that the fan isn’t speed controlled, in the sense that I think the hardware engineers didn’t allow the fan to have more than 1 speed setting.  That being the case, at least allow us to raise the temperature tolerance limit using the software with a clear warning that we have to accept.  I’ve had 4 hard drives in a RAID10 configuration crammed extremely close together with minimal airflow in my PC since 2007.  Surely I don’t need this extreme margin of safety by completely rendering my work envirnment mentally hostile. 

The drive has now packed up or at least being able to write to it has… I can take files off though thank goodness!!

So a £500 drive with all my backups and irreplacable files and folders goes AWOL… As I say, this is not good enough!!

And to show just how ingrained this ‘endemic failure culture’ has seeped into our conscienceness, practically everybody I speak to says in horror, “what, you haven’t backed up your backup”?

**bleep**… just how many backups should I be doing? NO… WESTERN DIGITAL NEEDS TO GET ITS ACT TOGETHER AND PRODUCE RELIABLE PRODUCT…!! Please take note …!!

Wait, apparently I don’t understand your problem.  I thought it had to do with fan noise.  What exactly is your drive doing?

it’s now refusing to take new information from backup…I can pull info off so suspect there is a format problem …So…am going to take all info off and then strip her down n see a. if I can do something with fan n b. reformat etc to see if that works…but suspect she’s a gonna…