Template modifications

I took Extremedigital’s themes:





and converted to full screen versions:






Note: These do not have fanart backdrops. Just the Background. If you want the backdrop, let me know, Ill insert and post

here is also the flipped Episode theme used in " Split-sheet episode thumb(fullfan) help"

Nice one!

Nice work drizz

I like them…

I can see Mega Template pack 1.8 coming out soon LOL

Thanks, glad you like them. Just a slight modification on your great work.

The download link has been fix with an update so re download.

The cover images were cut off at the top. Its most noticable in the 2 TV screenshots. The fix repairs the sizing on all the templates.

Here you go hot off the press Mega Template Pack v1.8

Includes drizzt09 templates and also firetix transparent live hub templates as well

Thanks Guys…

Other new templates include:-




Thanks for that  update extremedigital.

**bleep**, i don’t have enough time to try all of this mini modes and new themes!!!

and also to update my theme.

assignments are killing me :s

poor me!!!

btw the backdrops generated by thumbgen load real fast!!!

ya my new project is to try one of the mini mods to make all the movie screens have a wall full of icons instead of the scrolling bar across the bottom. Might as well use up realty.

@extremedigital: you get the FIXED files in the mega pack instead of the 1st batch?

Hi firetix, feel for ya mate saying that assignments were a lifetime ago for me LOL

Hi drizzt09, yeah got the update just in time noticed it as i was uploading to mediafire LOL

Yeah loads going on with mini mods etc, i should hopefully have v1.6 of my theme out later today that supports Tinwarbles new trickle style gallery view

btw have you both tested out my BIG thumbnail view (5x1) what do you think ?  

is this big thumbnail in the new beta firmware? I havent installed yet. How is it? Will the new firmware all the wonderful theming and templates that have been made? and the compat ability that thumbgen has made?

Hi drizzt09, its in my latest theme

I modified the Large Grid View

New beta firmware doesnt affect the moviesheet themes etc

that is very nice. In grid view you wont get the IMDB stuff right? That only works in Gallery view right?

Im looking for bigger icons for all the folder pages in gallery view. Maybe 10 per page. Still need to check the minimods.

I have looked through the mini mods and I dont see what im looking for. I wanna keep the setup I currently have, but on all the folder view, instead of the scrolling tiny folder images across the bottom I would rather have 10-12 bigger ones to fill the screen.

Kind of like the wall modes I have seen around but without the movie details and the big image to the side. Just folder images. Kinda like Tinwarbles music mod. but for the movie folders in gallery view.

Any idea on where I would look to get started on that?

Hi drizzt09…

Sounds like you want something like STD view on the WD Live…

Btw have a look at Bradl79 Bal Theme there is a modified view thats sounds close to what you are looking for, however it is not the gallery view (it’s one of the grid views)

Just loaded the Bal theme. Its nice. In the Gallery view the icons are still small as its 3x9. There is another view of his thats 2x7 which is excellent, exactly what Im looking for. however I need it to be in Gallery view and I wanna be able to use your templates as his theme does not allow that.

Any other suggestions?

Updated to Mega Template Pack 2.0

This is a very big update and the updates are too much to list at the moment.

I will try and get around to listing and crediting everyone in the release.

The reason for the jump to 2.0 is that i finally got around to adding TV Moviesheets as well

I also spent alot of time tidying up the templates to move as much as possible to the common folder, so as to try and reduce the size of the pack.

New TV & Movie Templates include Lstar_Alucard, Extreme, Drizzt09, Pintas, S1l3nc0r, Stefanakos, Taurus35, Rorscach, Firetix, Oxle



thanks for the collection.

Hi drizzt09, no problem

PS i gave full credit to both you and firetix for your themes by renaming your themes to include you guys…

Thanks hope you like…