Temperature Question for WD 74GB RAPTOR, 10000rpm

Hello there!

Have a question! Got pretty powerful working station (used mostly for graphics and video editing)…

My System drive  is WD RAPTOR 74GB, 10000 r.p.m., 8MB

  • what happened  last night , while I was uploading thousands of photos onto server, a Temperature Alarm came up, showing that My C: Windows7 system disk (mentioned above) went up to 67 degrees Celsius (it is about 152 F) — now I got little worried - I think that is a bit too hot!!

But in no Specs did I find details of expected working temperature…

Can you tell me whether it’s maybe OK for this 10000rpm disk to run so hot - although, I am kind of suspicious about it!


Specs say that OPERATING TEMP is 5-55 C - but I understand that as temp of atmosphere around, in which Min/Max value this disk is expected to function fine…

But what about its working temp. under a full pressure?

I have the same question for a WD15EARS.  I have it in a small computer, and the area doesn’t get much airflow, so the temp went up to 43C (109F).  Should I be worried?   Smart monitoring says caution.


the 10k drives are supposed to be high performance and typically require active cooling (fan on or near em) to function correctly, i wouldn’t worry unless it shuts down from overheating, but still if it’s over rated max temps, look for a fan solution or a better chassis (Case).