Temperature problems on WD gold drive?

Hello, I have multiple drives, the WD GOLD I Have WD60002 FRYZ-01WD5B0 is at 54 dégrées temperature whereas 2 other brand drive are a 40-44 degrés.
Also, I bought the drive totally new, I’ve used it for maybe a year and when I go in hard drive sentinel, it says I’ve used it for 660 days (not possible I think, those 6TO might not exists at that time, no?)
The 2 others I Have WD8004FRYZ GOLD and WD102KRYZ I have are at 46 dégrées, brand new too (hd sentinel say beginning day 1)
Nothing “blocks” near the drive.
I am concern about my Data, Is this normal?? How do I know if I have latest firmare and my data is safe??

hard drive sentinel I not familiar with that

If you use some sort of smart tools (a feature built into most modern harddrives it will give you this info. there is a tool in downloads that you can use for western digital that will give you much info

I use Linux and smarttools


for me

smartctl -a /dev/sda

will give me

Model Family: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10
Device Model: ST3500630AS
Serial Number: 6QG0KQ85
Firmware Version: 3.AAK
User Capacity: 500,107,862,016 bytes [500 GB]
Sector Size: 512 bytes logical/physical
Device is: In smartctl database [for details use: -P show]
ATA Version is: ATA/ATAPI-7 (minor revision not indicated)
Local Time is: Mon Feb 22 20:51:28 2021 EST
SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability.
SMART support is: Enabled

Where did you buy it new? Wow

I have 4 drives in my computer box, they were at reasonnable temperature.
Now I’ve put a first WD GOLD .6 TO…up temperature!! WD6002FRY-01WD5B0 50 degrés!!
I’ve add the other 8TO drive…it was temperature 50 dégrés…Put the WD6002FRY-01WD5B0 raised to 57 dégrees!! And I still have a 10TO to install, max seems to be 60 dégrés!! Was should I do??
The 3 nears disk will raise each other temperature. Can a firmware help? Can someone explain if I should install a fan for hard drive??

same temperature in windows in * Open Settings on Windows 10=>System=>Storage=>Under the “More storage settings” section, click the Manage Disks and Volumes option , properties, temperature

My question is: Does Western Digital want to set houses on fire with so high temperature of drive when there are multiple?? Here only three and only two connected!

Ok I’ve read it ALL but NOTHING HELPS.

Please UNDERSTAND the Problem, I Have BOUGHT 3 WD GOLD Size 6TB, 8 TB, 10 TB.
Those drives have a problem compared to others “old” Drives!!
Before I had 3 Drive, 1 HITACHI 1 TB, 2 WD , one 1,5 TB and one 3 TB.
Sorry if I Say TO sometime, I’m French, and we Say TO not TB in Size but please understand:

When I had the 3 First Drive, NO problem and the BIG FAN in my computer was DISABLED.
Now, When I try to PUT all the New drives…OVERHEAT, OVERHEAT!!! Even with the big FAN inside ON
Now, I have try multiple and notice that The 10 TB heats LESS than the 8 TB that himsel heats LESS than the 6TB…When I have the three drive in, it goes to 71 dégrées for the 6 TB drive in temperature in about one hour doing juste normal things on the computer!!!
If I set the big FAN inside in “TURBO” mode in the motherboard…I have BIG sound from the FAN, It diminished the temperature but around 60 degrées in around one hour, that is still no good!!!
So…I Had to tests and try différents order of the drive…I remove and did tests…The 6TB heats the “most”…so I’ve put my 2TB instead of the WD Gold 6 TB Drive. Since, It seems ok at 50 temperature in 4 hours using the drive when I have the big fan maximum turbo power! SO…That Means those Drives overheat a lot and this problem wasn’t announce anywhere, did Western Digital warned me when buying the drives, Hell no!! So the problem is mainly with the 6TB when the 2 others Big Size WD gold are inside too!! I have tested the drive with WinDlg_v1_37 , they are fine, but there is OVERHEATING and that is the problem when they are together in a standart PC case, even with a Fan inside in “turbo” boost power.

So how can Western Digital help with that? Can you test this fact?? Do you want a screenshot of the temperature “overheat”?? This is called an hidden defect when three of those drives are TOGETHER use and near to each other.

I have 2 cases open: 210220-002570 and 210227-000942, because the one in first case didn’t understand the pb is due to the presence of multiple drive in the computer case/box…there seems to be no real defects detected by WinDlg_v1_37 on any drives…On the other hand there is a problem when there is multiple of those WD gold, mostly the 6 TB drive that overheat! Please Help so I can put the 3 drives in my PC box like it should be.

WD Gold edition drives are enterprise class drives run hotter and louder than other consumer class drives. Even Black editions run hot too! This is normal and will differ from each model capacity too. They shouldn’t be installed in enclosures or close together and need plenty of direct cooling on them all the time. For PC and storing data prefer 5400 RPM drives, they run cool and quiet and therefore last longer in my opinion. If you want speed get an SSD and combine them. You can now also pair an NVME drive with an HDD by the new Intel Optane technology and basically turn a slow HDD into a fast Hybrid drive. Its an excellent technology!


In ardvertisement, this was NEVER mentionned!! Only reliability was
Is 60 dégrés a standart temperature for Western Digital with only 3
drive in a standart pc box?
I have Paid Highest Price Drive for performance and reliability.
Of course, I have already Sdd on my first system drive.
So What does WD propose so I can Use my three WD drives that I have
given serial number?

Shall I give all information that WD doesn’t care on youtube for Private

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No vendors don’t mention this in the listings descriptions but is mentioned in the Data Sheet in each line of drives. However every installation is different so real operating temperature depends on many factors especially cooling effectiveness. If you go to the official WD online shop you find much better information for each drive.
My suggestion to you is to replace your drives with WD Black edition drives. In my opinion they are the best for performance and reliability, also you get 5 years warranty on them. With adequate cooling they normaly run at around 45c. The cheaper option for is WD Blue, they run about 5 degrees cooler than WD Black but they are slower, which is ok for just storing files and have only 2 years warranty. In all cases you must use a case that allows you to put a fan directed on the HDDs for adequate cooling. A lot of the modern cases especially those glass front ones do not because they are really designed for SSDs. You can sell your Gold edition drives and you will probably won’t lose much at the end.

I don’t agree with your POV. The WDXXXXFRYZ’s (and some other Gold’s) are just flawed. Their WD Ultrastar counterparts had a higher MTBF, better performance and much lower operation temperature. I’m a big fan of WD, but the disk mentioned by @mrmagic is just a result of poor design/engineering. We got rid of all flawed Gold’s (380 disks) and sold them on eBay. We clearly stated: “IF YOUR FAN BEAKS, SO WILL THESE DISKS”.