Tell Smartware I am using Time Machine

I recently purchaed a My Book Studio LX 2TB drive to use as a new target for my Time Machine backups on my iMac.  I either didn’t see the flash screen that has the check box to tell smartware I am using Time Machine on the the drive. Since I didn’t want to use Smartware for my backups I uninstalled it.

Time Machine seems to be working fine but the e-ink disk meter on the front of the drive case has disappeared, this is  a minor issue but it would be nice to have. The custome name for the drive is still on the display. 

A few quetsions:

  1. Do I have ot have Smartware installed to have the meter function?

  2. Is there some way to tell Smartware that I am using Time Machine and I don’t want it doing anythig but the meter if I do install it?

  3. Does Smartware provide any value other than the meter if you are running Time Machine?

  4. Has anyone had any problems/success with Smartware installed for a Time Machine drive?

Thanks very much for any help anyone can provide.

If you’re talking about the led label on the front of the drive, then you need SmartWare to set the label name, but it should work once smartware is uninstalled.  Also, as I understand it, as long as you don’t run a backup using smartware, you should be able to leave it installed so the meter works.  then let Time Machine do the backup.