Tell me more about the wd livewire

Finally the answer I was looking for.

Two livewire, one plugged into my router, the other one connected to my Live Hub, and Bang, The Live Hub is cable and wireless shared. No use of USB Wasting Dongles whatsoever.

Any further recommendation before I’ll get a couple of those powerlines?

Hi all, Fyi…seems like this Dude did his testing on WD Livewire adapters and could stream 3 Full HD Videos (1080p), without lagging & shuttering after adding WD Livewire Powerline Adapters into their devices. You can view this at YouTube titled: " See how Powerline-Ace empowers WD-Livewire Powerline Adapters." It seem like they also incorporated the lightning surge protection circuits into their devices so it can protect all interconnected electrical devices from lightning surges. Mmmm…interesting indeed. Not sure where we can get hold of these gadgets.