Tell me I'm not in trouble

I’ve had a WD Live Hub for over a year now. It hasen’t been without hiccups here and there but nothing I couldn’t remedy.

Now for whatever reason, it apparently has lost all the internal files. ie-movies. I’ve tried restarting and noticed that it took forever to get to the main screen (about 15min with the flashing WD logo on the front of the box). That does nothing.

I tried a reset and firmware update to current. No results.

I also cannot map a drive to it.

All other functions work (services, access to networked devices) so basically what I have is a Hub that acts like a player.

Am I doomed? I’m glad I recently removed 95% of my media and placed it in a NAS.

Thanks for any insight.

Go into the storage manager (in the SETUP menu) and see if the drive is recognized.

Thanks Tony.

I should have mentioned that I did go into disk manager and it doesn’t recognize any drive.