Tell Me If I'm Doing It Right

Here’s my situation. I have one modem that broadcasts my homes private wiresless access point. I want to get xbox live and streaming on my WD TV Live Plus, but my modem is downstairs while my xbox and WD media player are upstairs. I don’t want to purchase two seperate USB internet adapters (the special xbox one and a compatible one for the media player), so I think Livewire would be a good option. I just don’t think I’m understanding it correctly, so let me explain the setup and you tell me if I’m doing it correctly.

I connect the ethernet cable to one end of my modem and the other end to one of the Livewires and plug it into the wall.

The second Livewire I have upstairs. I plug one end of the ethernet cable into my media player and the other end to my Livewire and plug it into the wall.

If what I said was correct it should work fine, but I need to verify that that is correct. If that’s not how you do it please explain the correct way.

Yep!   That’s pretty much the way it works.

It makes it look like a long ethernet cable from end to end (well, with additional ports as well.)

So if you could make it work by running a cable through the stairs the way you’re describing, then you can use the Livewire, to avoid the long cable.

Thanks Tony. Hopefully it ends up working.