Technicolor TG582n Router movie playback problem


I have been given a new Technicolor TG582n Router from my Broadband supplier, and I’m having problems playing movies back from my MyBookLive via my Samsung Smart TV.

Previously I had a Belkin Router, and this worked great – no configuratins needed, just plugged it in and it worked. However, I cannot get the Technicolor TG582n to work correctly at all.

Firstly, it does not show up on my Smart TV unless I open the MyBookLive interface in a Browser window. When I do get access to the movies I would like to play, the movie only plays for about half an hour, then the connection is dropped and MyBookLive is no longer accessible.

MyBookLive firmware is up to date.

I’m assuming it is maybe a setting on the Router(?) I have missed. Anyone have any ideas where I’m going wrong? 


Have you contacted your ISP? Have your visited their web site for information?


I have TWC and I know information by them is provided online along with live chat. User Manuals for their equipment are provided too.


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cat0w (USA)


Thanks for your reply.

I have contacted my ISP again, and they only provide enough support/information to get the Router connected online successfully. After that, I’m on my own.

I’ve been through the Router manual but can’t find anything that is obvious to me. Just wondered if anyone else had this Router/problem.

As I mentioned, my previous Belkin router worked perfectly, so my other option is to purchase an updated Belkin router and hope that that works OK.


Hard to tell, but yo can try the following as a general guides:

  1. give static ip address to mybook

  2. your router is 10/100 so might be a bit slow @10-12 MBs max

  3. test the connection and make sure your PC sees it.

  4. enable UPNP and media server on your router (*check user guide how* it has them)

  5. Make sure yuor wireless connection is strong, this depends on the signal the TV receives. check out how strong your signal is where the TV sits. Any device with wifi should be able to tell you when navigating the available Wifi. Most phones have an app for that.

  6. try playing from another device and see if you get the same problem. Do you see the device on the lan?

these are the basic ones. maybe someone else can add to it.