Tech pre-sale verified feature, but will it REALLY work?

I want to purchase a device with a USB port where I can insert a USB device containing movie (VOB) files and menu structures, and then be able to play back the content accessing bonus features, subtitles, and audio streams with that device’s remote. I’ve tried one TV (LG 32LD550) which couldn’t get the aspect ratio right, three Blu-Ray players (all failed), and also the Sony Network Media Player. Sony pre-sales said I’d have the features I wanted, but in the end it could not access menus or subtitles. Sales and 1st level tech support thought it should work, but 2nd level tech support admitted it would not, and now this device is going back. Now WD pre-sales has promised me that standard DVD USB content will work, exactly like I want. I’ll be able to navigate menus, access bonus content, manipulate audio and subtitle streams – the works. But should I believe them? (WD TV Live / Live plus). Many thanks in advance.

In general, YES, the WDTV Live, Live+, Live Hub, WDTV Mini and WDTV Elements Play all support STANDARD DVD with navigation.

There’s certain ripping programs and home movie editing software that creates DVD images that don’t work properly.

But if you use a good DVD ripper, and don’t mess around with its internal structure, then they will play perfectly.

SOME DVD FEATURES are not available such as Subtitle Defaults (languages, etc.), and I’m not sure if the WDTVs support multi-angle features.

“SOME DVD FEATURES are not available such as Subtitle Defaults …” So does this mean you can have subtitles via the subtitles menu? Does the remote have a button for subtitles? I’m not sure I know what “Subtitle Defaults” are. Thanks again.

Yes, you enable them with the remote via a MENU option, not a dedicated button.