Taskbar Icon

Is there some way to make the taskbar icon appear in the Windows “tray” only when my portable drive is plugged in? 

I have Windows XP SP3 with a Passport Essential (WDBAAA5000ABL) and SmartWare v.  I already had 7 icons in the tray (too many); now I have 8.  The icon for the portable drive is useful only if the drive is plugged in.  Why can’t I remove the icon when the drive is disconnected? 

Since I’m not using SmartWare to do my backups, I removed it.  That removed the SmartWare icon from my taskbar tray.  There was already another icon (inherent in Windows XP if I have any removable media) that I now use to disconnect my Passport drive. 

When the WD SmartWare software is installed it will always show in the system tray. The service continues to run in the background to watch for when a SmartWare drive is attached. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to have it only show up when the drive is attached. If you are using the SmartWare software for backup, the service also continues to run so that it can keep track of files that are changed/added so that it can backup these changes to your drive when it is attached.