Task bar icon missing - not in Select Icons to Appear Settings


Could someone help me locate the MyCloudEX2 Ultra icon.

OS is Win 10 64bit

Thursday 17th Critical Error with OS (Win 10) – not recoverable. There were no problems prior to this

Friday 18th re-installed OS (Win 10)

Sunday 20th re-installed my MyCloudEX2 Ultra – switched off – unplugged – pressed reset button – reconnected - continued pressing reset button for 40 secs.

Re installed OK – File Explorer – This PC – Network – My CloudEX2 Ultra showing sub folders

Public, Smartware, Time Machine Back up. Until 12md when I went for lunch.

The taskbar Icon not showing. Select which icons appear on the task bar – MyCloudEX2 not shown

Coming back to this task after lunch Clicking Network returned no result.

Double clicking Network returned the MyCloudEX2Ultra icon. Clicking on that instead of it showing sub folders took me to the log in for My Cloud website – Device Name – Password.

Still taskbar Icon not showing. Select which icons appear on the task bar – MyCloudEX2 not shown

I cannot find any evidence of a backup since re-installing but perhaps in the light of the current situation that is to be expected.

Thank you for any help you may give.


You can try this KBA to add the My Cloud icon to Network, Media Devices, and Storage in Windows, please follow the steps below.

Thank you for replying.
I have tried this but it did not work.
It is not I cannot see the device on my computer - it does in fact show under Network.
What I could not get was the Quick View icon and it was not in “Select which Icon to appear in the taskbar”
I have downloaded the software for this icon and it does appear on the task bar but it is not connected to the device. Instead of showing the state of MyCloud EX2Ultra and allowing me to either go to the dashboard or the device itself to, save, restore and set up, it is showing “About Quick View” and Exit.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.