Taken back to 'Home' Screen

A little bug i have encountered, i constantly get taken from within viewing folders (moslty if i press alot of buttons at once such as when deleting a movie name to get info such as

Avatar x264 1080p BluRay [secretmethodz] 2010.MKV

so i’ll sit there and repeatedly hit delete to remove the ‘x264 1080p blu ray [secretmethodz] 2010’ so i can get the filename just down to “avatar” to be able to ‘get info’ but it seems as though when i hit delete TOO quickly then it will take me back to the ‘home screen’ but it also happens if i press back repeatedly or if i press left or right really fast repeatedly.

That happened to me yesterday. I was using the remote to delete extra characters i the name so the movie db could find it and all of the sudden I was back at the main screen!

Happens to me too regularly… Something apparently crashes and returns everything to the Home screen. Very annoying.

I suggest you manage your folders and files using Windows Explorer in a connected PC. The WD/HUB shows under “Network.”

In case you didn’t know, you simply hook up to your network with an Ethernet Cable (Wired) and choose “AUTO” or use an approved USB Wi-Fi adapter for wireless. The only difference is you’ll need to enter your security code for wireless if secured (and you definitely should be otherwise you can get hacked wirelessly).

I created all my folders, sub-folders and moved my files using Windows Explorer. My WDTVLIVEHUB is wireless and my PC is wired (the same BELL Gateway talks between networks automatically).