System won't boot with My Book Essential attached

This is an old issue, but it has come up again. I have searched the web and found that others have had this issue, but I have tried all the fixes and still have the issue: namely, if My Book Essential (USB 2.0) is attached to my system (Win 7 Pro 64 bit Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz 4GB RAM, yes its old) the system hangs just before the Windows splash screen appears (i.e. in black). If I remove the USB connection to the drive, the system boots fine. I have reformated the My Book (NTFS) and do not have the virtual CD on it any longer. Windows reports the drive as 1.81 TB.
This is not a huge issue since I am replacing my current computer soon, but I was wondering if there will be issues with the new system (yet TBD, but will have a 6th or 7th gen CPU, 12GB RAM and an M2 SSD, with USB 3.0). Have any of you guys heard of this issue before? BTW, I also have a WD Elements USB drive that does NOT cause this issue. Thanx.

Hello, MrC1946,

Well, you must change the boot order in bios to the CD- ROM drive or any thing else rather then Removal drive.

You may refer to the useful link.

if you still face the same issue, then you should try
contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for
Technical Support