System shutdown

Hi there, reciveved below email notification three times now.
What does event code 2020 mean?

explanation and advice much appreciated.


Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudMirror SctPaul.

Event title:System Shutting Down

Event description:The system is shutting down.


Event code:2020

Event time:01-29-2016 08:00:08 AM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

It’s just the device notifying you that is been shut down or has had to shut itself down.

I take it from the post that you haven’t done so yourself? Has your MCM actually shut down or been shut down in the timeframe of the emails?

Thanks for the support
I have no idea - was away on holidays when it happened,
just saw the notification mail when I returned a couple of days later…

any idea why it says critical in “severity” and what does the event code 2020 mean?

BR Frederik

… Thinking about it - it was actually shut down when I returned, but is up and running again without any action from my side…

Critical just means the level of importance and whether it’s something you may need to deal with urgently. For example a server that’s off won’t be serving anything to anyone, so it’s probably important to do something about it quickly.

Event code is just we the WD Id for the error out event.

If the MCM is running OK then I wouldn’t worry too much.


will cross my fingers