System Restore

I did not have the manual and moved all of my music from my computer to MyCloud without first doing what was needed to keep my Itunes playlists and files in order. Now I have a complete MESS! 

My question is can I just do a system restore on my computer? WIll it move all the files from MyCloud back to my computer and fix what I screwed up? My ITUnes was my LIFE!! It took years to make all my playlists and now they are gone!!

It looks like you have been using Smartware to backup your media. Therefore, the playlist and music files should be backed up on the NAS. YOu can either user Smartware to restore, or simply copy back the files by accessing the Smartware share from the Windows network explorer.

IMO, the best thing to do for iTunes users is to put all the iTunes library on the NAS as when it was on the computer and continue using iTunes to play the musci and manage it. Don’t rely on the iTunes server, or the built in DLNA server, because these things don’t handle the library organization as you’d do in iTunes.