System Restore

Started a system restore on my EX2 ultra last night, woke this morning to see 47% progress and its been stuck on that for nearly 2 hours now. Is this right and if not what can I do about it.


Did you select a system-only restore, or a full restore? If its the former it should have been completed by now. If it’s the latter then it may take longer.

Yes took ages but all complete now, will avoid that selection again, thanks.

Did that deleted the files in RAID or left it unchanged.

I was wondering if either RAID mode doing full or system only will have adverse effect on files.

It deleted all the files and set the unit back to factory settings.

Is there a way to set the unit to reset to factory without data deletion.

I know the storage is mandate to upgrade the firmware. But what if we power off and remove the storages and then reset it from the back and re-insert the drive. Wont it recogonize it.

Does backup of settings restore works here.