System report: STILL DOES NOT WORK

Well I have to say I am substantially disappointed in the WD Software which I find old, outdated, unreliable and buggy. Putting that aside for a moment, I am TRYING to get a SYSTEM report created by request of a WD tech. ALSO putting aside the fact that after 3 weeks of back and forth wasting my time, they STILL have not solved my issues or answered ANY of my questions other than answering with ANOTHER question or patronizing response of "I am sorry…"etc, which I suspect is nothing more than a copy/paste of some script they are required to use for emails.
IN ANY CASE, my question is, why does the WD Smartware just sit there saying PLEASE WAIT forever after I click create and save? Someone else had opened up this topic back in 2014 and (for WHAT REASON I DON’T KNOW) this topic was locked down without ANY SOLUTION.
Is this what WD calls helping people??? About 7 years ago I bought my first WD NAS drive and it had a problem shortly after. The support I received from WD was EXMPLARY and PHENOMINAL! Was the best support and service I ever had. I don’t know what happened in 7 years but obviously, given the length of time that elapsed, not much in the “improvement”.
Perhaps SOMEONE can tell me why

  1. the system report just sits there with a PLEASE WAIT
  2. when I get the alert emails, the list of errors or incidents seem to appear with incrementing dates occurring in the FUTURE! Yes that’s what I said; the FUTURE!. NO, the date on my computer is not incorrect, nor on my HD, my watch or my sundial! They are ALL correct thank you so please no one ask me to check if my clock is wrong, my time zone is incorrect or if the dog ate my homework, lol. I know how to do thorough troubleshooting.
  3. why I get event notifications like
    Following events are generated on your MyBookLive .
    Event title:???
    Event description:???
    Event code:
    Event time:08-12-2017 10:32:12 PM


Following events are generated on your MyBookLive .
Event title:Temperature normal
Event description:The system temperature is within the normal specified temperature range.
Event code:2003
Event time:07-31-2017 09:52:20 AM

Alright let’s see if someone here can answer me because their email support to date has done nothing but waste my time for the last 3 weeks and based on their track record, I have ZERO faith that they will answer me anytime soon other than to ask me to do something else!!

Thank you.

We have escalated your concern. Someone will contact you shortly.