System Report Question

WD Support asked me to generate a System Report and email it to them.

Does anyone know how long it takes to generate the report? So far after about 12 hours, it hasn’t completed.

I just need to know if it’s supposed to take, minutes, hours or days? How long? Has anyone ever done this before?

I was asked the same, it took a couple of minutes went to my desktop (browser download location) it had 8MB, i was instructed to delete the files inside “systemLog_PRODUCT SERIAL NUMBER_xxxxxxxxxx\current_config\shares” if it was larger than 5MB.

It’s been going now for about 14 hours. Still nothing. Since I upgraded the firmware last week, nothing is working properly. It takes forever even to get to the login screen.

I just closed the browser and I’m starting again. I’ll leave it go overnight. Hopefully by morning it’s finished.

It’s logged in, just waiting for the info to come up on the dashboard.

Contact customer support. From my experience yesterday the new FW has an issue generating the report.