System Overhaul for Photographer

I am a fairly prolific photographer/videographer that is coming to terms with the fact that I need to completely overhaul my mac computer storage and backup practices. I’ve been getting away with sloppy methods for far too long and have a feeling my luck is going to run out soon. I want to build a durable system for a reasonable price that does not require active management. I’ve done some research online but feel a bit out of my depth and am wondering if anyone out there can advise on the best route given the particularities of what I think I want.

I will start with a 16TB system that is expandable. 16TB should cover my needs for the next few years and I already have most of the SATA drives (mostly WD Blacks) for the primary files and for a single backup (mix of HGST & seagate). I figure i will need to invest in some more drives immediately and then periodically in the future to expand capacity.

I gather I should get a DAS or NAS enclosure (at least 4 bays) that is fast enough to work off of at my studio desk. I will need fast access to all 16TB of data so it should have a thunderbolt connection (i think). This enclosure should be capable of RAID but I have not decided yet if I would run it as a RAID 0, 1 or 5. If anyone has advice on this, I’d welcome it too.

I have the idea of getting second enclosure (located off-site at my apartment) that can be automatically backed up over the internet via time machine or similar software. I don’t like the idea of all my files being on the cloud (call me paranoid). It seems clear this would have to be a NAS which could potentially double as a streaming server for home entertainment purposes. I like the idea of this because it will give me access to all my files over the internet if I am traveling or directly if I decide to work from home some days.

There seems to be a tension between performance and backup ease with what I have described. The simplest solution from a backup perspective would be to get two identical NAS enclosures and have the studio one back up over the internet to the home one. However I have not seen any NAS boxes that have thunderbolt and I don’t want to sacrifice performance for the primary file set.

Do I need to buy three enclosures:
DAS 1 (primary files),
NAS 1 (studio backup),
NAS 2 (offsite mirror of NAS 1 that is automatically backed up over internet)

Or is there a way to backup a DAS over the internet to a NAS?

Any advice would be appreciated. Ease of use is important as well. I want to set it up and not have to think about it, so I can concentrate on images!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Epipodius,

I would suggest you to use RAID 1 configuration to make a mirror copy of data drives which allows you to rebuild RAID configuration in case of disk failure in drive.

Along with this, you should use:
NAS 1 (studio backup),
NAS 2 (offsite mirror of NAS 1 that is automatically backed up over internet)
And refer this KBA to create a remote backup of

However, you may use USB to NAS feature to copy data from USB drive to My Cloud Ex4100 devices.

Configuring USB Backups on a My Cloud