System Image fails using a WD 4TB external drive

Dell Inspiron 570 (6 years old)
AMD Phenom II Processor
Windows 7 64bit Professional

I have just bought a WD Elements 4TB external HD for use with the above PC.

When connected to a USB 2.0 port it was recognised by Windows.

I used GFI Backup 2009 to successfully back up 181GB of photos and videos to the above drive.

The next day I attempted to create a System Image of my C drive using Windows Backup & Restore with the destination drive being the above drive. It failed with the error messages:
One of the backup files could not be created (0x8078002A)
The request could not be performed because of I/O device error (0x8077045D)

Without making any changes I then immediately attempted to repeat the System Image using my WD Elements 750GB external HD as the destination drive. This was successful.

I did I a check on the 4TB HD and no problems were reported.

Before I purchased the 4TB HD I spoke to a technical person at WD who assured me that the drive would have no problems with my PC setup. Unfortunately, it seems that there are problems. Can anyone explain what has gone wrong?


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps

Many thanks for that. It looks extremely interesting. I shall definitely bookmark it. The only thing stopping me from using it straight away is that when I connected the drive I spent about 5 hours transferring my photos and video clips. Now, do I want to have to repeat that . . . If necessary, probably, but to muddy the waters a bit I downloaded Macrium Reflect Free this morning and I’ve just completed using it to successfully produce a system image. As Macrium also seems to be much more versatile than Windows Backup and Restore I’m obviously going to have to think about it but, again, thanks for supplying that link.