System Functionality

Until I got the Live Hub I was burning to discs. Many of the movies I have are multipule avi files in one folder. ( Ex: Title-cd1.avi, Title-cd2.avi, etc.). Both dvd players I have would, at the end of the first part, go directly to the next part with maybe a 1-2 second lag in-between.

The WD however, plays the first file in it’s intirety, then thinking it’s job is done, stops. I then have to scroll to the next part and hit play. If the movie hapens to have 3 to 4 parts, thats how many times I have to scroll/play. Somewhat annoying.

Does anyone know of a work-around to this problem (without having to deal with an app that combines video files)?   

Yep; just press PLAY on the FOLDER.

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Ahh…if only everything in life were THAT simple! Thanks!