System Error 53

So I’ve followed TonyPh12345’s instructions for identifying why my WDTV doesn’t see network shares and I’ve found that running NET VIEW gets me a System Error 53 - the network path was not found.  He says to stop and troubleshoot this, but doesn’t go any further… Help.  I cant find anything particularly clear online right now, and HAVE configured the sharing settings as reccomended (currently set up as a work network with reccomended settings in advanced).  

The same erros happen if I try to net view on the workgroup specifically, but pinging other computers works, as does net view on a specific system.  This is actually also happening on another  Windows 7 machine connected to the network (system I’m attempting to serve from is wired, the second test PC is wireless - WDTV is also wired).  NetBIOS over TC/IP is on.  

The router is a Linksys E3000 updated stock firmware running its DHCP server, and there are no connectivity problems in terms of doing things other than these network shares.  I can actually stream to the WDTV from the server PC if I run somethinge like TVersity, but I would really prefer to just use windows SMB shares if possible…

Any ideas?  I’m just about out of ideas here.

PS:  if I open the network panel in windows all systems connected to the network appear as they are supposed to.

PPS: just ran into the advice to change the workgroup of my router to something different from the other devices then restart everything…  I’ve changed the workgroup and now net view works but only shows the new workgroup, it still gives error 53 on the workgroup that the computers involved are in.  I HAVEN’T been able to restart everything yet as its getting ridclously late here, but will report in the morning if something is different after rebooting the whole network.

Ok, having restarted everything connected to the network and moved the router onto its own workgroup nothing has changed.  In fact, the temporary appearance of the routers own workgroup in net view disappeared as soon as the router was rebooted.  I can still ping all systems, or net view them by name as needed, but no shares are visible to the WDTV and net view produces a system error 53.

Your wireless router and all devices (including the WD box) should be set to the same workgroup.

Ok, problem solved.  I screwed up.  The first time I changed the routers workgroup it didn’t stick through the restart for some reason (think I hard resset it early in the morning out of frustration).  Redid the settings and rebooted everything and it was the Cisco router blocking sharing problem.

Not precisely true as it turns out… for some reason Cisco routers own ability to share an attached hard drive is known to screw up the visibility of other shares across a network if they are on the same workgroup as the other systems (how this doesn’t just make that features completely useless I dont know… but I never had any intention of using it anyway).