System Diagnostics Quick Test is like Poor Ol' Charlie

I started a System Diagnostics Full Test on my 4TB MyCloud (1/4 full) and in about 8 hours it progressed to 90%. After another 8 hours or so, it was still at 90% and then I had a power failure in the house. The next day I started a Quick Test, and after perhaps only 1 hour it had progressed to 90%. 10 hours later, it’s still at 90%. I’m not impressed with the WD software. This is on a new (warranty replacement) drive that I’ve just set up. The WD webpage ( suggests that when this completes, I only get a message “Self Test Passed.” (I’ve also checked out Stuck after Full Test :(. Curious responses.). It seems to me that when (if) the Full Test completes, I ought to get a report about the number of bad sectors that have been found, at a minimum.


PS: the replacement drive is performing MUCH BETTER than the original drive it has replaced (yes I had the latest firmware on each box)…
PPS: the subject is of course a reference to Charlie on the MTA song popular in the 60’s, but EVERYBODY already knew that.

(I’ve noticed that there really is no question in this post for which I need an answer. I’m just whining (whinging if you’re in the UK))

It’s possible for the replacement unit to still be running the indexing process for new data, which could tax the diagnostic test. I’d recommend waiting for a few days (Or disable indexing-related features) then trying again.