System Crash trough Harddisk?


i´ve got a WD30EZRZ-00Z5HB0 Harddisk.
in the last days i had some problems with it:

When i do any copy action on the drive i get a total system crash. Navigating over the explorer is no Problem i can oppen all directorys and watch it, but if i start to copy some Files i get a system Freeze, i can still move the mouse pointer but after some seconds it is also freezed, i can only do a reset by the powerswitch. This behavior is provokeable. That means if i copy lets say 1000 Files the the System crash comes after 50 or 30 or maybe 73 copied Files, at an random event.
If i start the system with DOS mode i can copy anything i want, so long i want and everything its fine.
If i try the same out of windows by cmd.exe i get a crash , i tried to use scndsk.

LiefeGuard Diagnostics also leads to a Crash.
After i made an update of all Drivers including a Bios update, it was possible to do a scan, the result says everything is fine.

I ve got 2 other harddisks which works perfectly fine.

My last idea where the problems come from is the Mainboard, What do you think?

My OS is Windows 7.

Thanks for your help.


It could be a motherboard issue or a hard drive issue. I recommend you test the drive in another computer just a troubleshooting step.