System cannot find the path specified (Exception from HRESULT:0x80070003)

When I try to “enable backup” on my My Passport Ultra I get the message: System cannot find the path specified (Exception from HRESULT:0x80070003). This was after running a backup and the backup showed complete, but that all files did not backup. There was one file that did not backup but I could not read which file as it was flash on then disappear. Is my drive dead or can I solve this issue?


What backup software are you using?

Are you able to access the drive manually through windows explorer?

I’m having the same problem. Today is 12/10/17. This is on a Windows 10 PC with a Passport Ultra (Red) External USB drive. I’m using WD Smartware.

The system cannot find the path specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070003)

A month ago I had a similar error but the error message was a different #. I thought it was resolved after running some Window fix.

I have a My Book Duo and a My Cloud Mirror drives that work fine. My Book Duo is connected to a Windows 7 PC.

I was able to copy files manually to the drive so I know the drive works. The bad thing about this is the program does not alert you that there is a problem so you assume the backup is working but it’s been a month since the last successful backup. Thankfully I manually copied the My Documents folder over to the drive today but I can’t live like this forever.

One comment is the software is not very user friendly and severely lacking in features to view logs. I found the logs but it wasn’t easy and they are not that user friendly either. I wish they had backup status ability. I’m an IT Pro and used to being able to see everything that happens via logs on enterprise database servers including backups. WD backup is very limited.

Does WD have a fix for this? Can someone please help?