System administrator password? Time Machine restore

My hard disc was replaced on my IMac …got it back yesterday…followed Apple instructions to restore files etc from TimeMachine…clicked the MyBookLive…clicked connect…now it says…System Administrator…Password… Nothing works…tried every password I’ve ever had…nothing …my whole life is on that machine…its there …I can see it …just can’t get passed **bleep** password issue… Help please…

One thought…because Apple had to replace the hard drive…does this mean…it’s a new computer so there for should I use Migration Assistant in Utilities to restore all my music photos and …well,everything actually? It seems to work but I’m scared to hit continue without advice…

Since it is a new installation I think that you need to migrate your data.  However I am not a Mac expert, I suggest you to look in for more information.

Thank you for your reply…the solution was quite straight forward in the end…just went into “UDI” I think it is …then users and gave myself a password…there was not one assigned so would not allow me access to my backup files…all done now but…it took 15 hours…

this is my exact problem and your explanation doesn’t help… can you please explain what you did?

I’ve just had the same experience where I needed to do a full restore of my iMac from the time machine on the MyBookLive and couldn’t get past the login challenge at the start of the restore.

What you have to do is make sure the admin password on the MyBookLive has been set up.

A bit late to find this out if you can’t access the MyBookLive.  Anyway this is what I did on another iMac.

  1. On Safari click on the Book Mark icon then click on Bonjour on the left hand panel.
  2. Double click on MyBookLive in the center of the web page
  3. On the Dashboard menu select Users
  4. On the User List click on admin
  5. Change the User Name if you don’t want the default User Name of admin
  6. Click Update Password and set up the password
  7. Save the change(s)
  8. Come out of Dashboard and go back into Dashboard – you should now be challenged for the password you just created which confirms the password is set up
  9. I then booted the iMac using Command+R
  10. When I selected restore from time machine and then MyBookLive the login challenge accepted the user name/password as set up in the Dashboard