Synology - WD TV Live - Media Library - Dedicated account


I have a Synology DS412+ with DLNA activated and a brand new WD TV Live device with wired network connections

I have installed and then powered the WD TV and it was able to connect by itself to my network, get an IP and found the NAS just by using it’s factory settings and now I am able to see movies by navigating through NAS video folders.

This is great but… the Media Library does not work. I read several posts here and there and come to a setting in my mind.

The idea is to have a dedicated synology account with R/W permissions on the NAS video folders and link it to my wired connected WD TV box. From there, if I am right, I will be able to add those NAS folders in the Media Library so

the metadata capture process can start and store the results in those NAS video folders as well.

Now comes the questions because I am a bit lost on how/where to do such settings :

-) What user / password the WD TV device is using by default to connect to the synology - DLNA ?

-) How to define a dedicated user account in my synology with DLNA feature activated ?

-) How can I enter this new dedicated synology user account into my WD TV network settings ?

-) How to proceed to add the synology video folder to the media libray ? just by going on it and push “Option” button on the remote ?

-) Is the DLNA feature on the synology impacted by this new setting ? Will I still be able to navigate through NAS video folders like now in DLNA and have also the Media Library dashboards and such ?

Sorry if some questions are stupid but I prefer to ask before to avoid nasty surprises :slight_smile:

DLNA doesn’t use Uuser IDs / passwords.

ok thx. So DLNA is running as a service under synology system. Good.

After creating a dedicated user with R/W on synology folders for the Media Library, I need to link it in the WD TV.

Where to do that ?

Access the Synology via “Network Shares” instead of Media Servers.

I have a Synology DS1512+ and I have had nothing but issues with the WD TV Live. In my opinion this thing is so full of bugs that a firmware fix isn’t going to really do much for it.

You’ll notice that if you try using Media Library, every time you turn on the WD and try to use it you’ll get an error about the last content source being removed and you will have to go add it back in and then force refresh your media library. This will take some hours to rescan the entire thing and then it will work, but probably not before you have to power cycle the stupid thing.

Then you’ll be in business until the next time you need to use the device, and you’ll be back to the error messages.

Does it work after extensive fiddling with it? Yes…kinda.  Is it reliable? NO WAY.