Synology DS413

Anybody know if the DS413 plays nicely with the WDTV Live plus gen 3?

I have the DS413j.  It works great with the Gen3 with the possible exception of the lost Linux (NFS) share problem. To minumize the loss od connection I had to unchedc the “Advanced Hibernation” on the NAS.  The NAS will still spin down the drives but the rest of the electronics stay fully active.  On the occasion where I lose thye share I find it still showing in Setup>System>Media Library>Mgr for Network Share.  I then select the share and check scan. 9 out of 10 times it will be accessable again.  If not reboot the WD or shut it offr by holding the power button for 3 seconds and turn back on.  I think the WD has a timeout issue with the NAS while the NAS is coming fully online.  I dont have my movies presently enabled thru the DLNA media server.  I may at somepoint but at this time prefer the streaming performance provided by a NFS connection…  I have installed Twonky rather than Synology’s Media server.That works great for Music and plays well with the WD.

are you able to see movie covers and details?  I have the synology ds411 and so far none of my movies show any of the cover artwork.  Everything is AVI so was thinking that was the problem and I started to re-encode with iFlicker for Mac and adding the metadata; transfered a few of the movies back to Synology and still not seeing artwork, etc…

Sure. I use the Media Library to collect the information.  Once collected you can turn it off and it will still display when using Linux shares only.