Synology DS411 working with WD TV Live

Hi there, I"m new to the WD TV and hoping to figure out how I can get the artwork to show up for movies.  I was hoping it would do it with my collection of .avi files in the /videos folder out of the box… but from what I’m reading… that’s not an option?

So if I am reading all the threads correctly, each movie is going to have to be in it’s own folder with a collection of .jpg files, the movie file and a .xml file?  The device shoudl then display just the movie when i’m search and not the folder structure anymore?

Any tips/hints greatly appreciated!!

Oh and I also figured that my .avi files may not have this metadata baked in so I’ve started converting files using iFlicker (mac store) to convert to m4v and add the metadata to the file.