Syncing/Scheduled Back Up problems

Have 3TB My Book with new Windows 10. Former Seagate user on Vista

  1. have scheduled back-ups and they are not completed. In the Smartware list is states the sched date and the time but states: backup Missed
  2. It is compatible with 10, correct?
  3. Must the computer be placed in non sleep mode or some kind of special mode? I had hoped to do it at 1 am
  4. I can do a manual copy and paste of data. But when I manually hit the BACKUP Now choice it seems to start and then stops at 61%…have done this three times…and it take a very long time to get there.
  5. When it is backed up, where will it be and how named? I see History, another name, and then have to click a few items to find actual folders/files.

Frustrated with this WD product

Yes, make sure that you have the latest version of the software. See if the following link helps

If you are doing a manual backup and also using the WD Smartware, you might be duplicating your files on the drive.

The files that are backed up by the WD Smartware backup software, will be located on a folder called WD SmartWare.swstor