Syncing or uploading entire folders with subfolders Getting error " Directory already exists"

I am using the Wd MyCloud desktop software and I need to be able to upload entire folders (with subfolders) on a weekly basis and I want to be able to just have the files that have changed during the week to upload.

It would be a pain to have to go through each subfolder and just upload each file seperatly.

Does anyone have an option for this? Doing a ctrl A and selecting all the folders I want and then dragging and dropping them gives me the error “Directory already exists”

Also I am offsite and not located on the same network as the mycloud device.




You may try using WD Smartware to backup your files and set it up to do a schedule backup.

Take a look at this link for more information.

How to create a Scheduled Backup with WD SmartWare 2.0 or WD SmartWare Pro 

How do you add your mycloud device to WD Smartware when you are at remote location?

I didnt see an option for that. It seems to only wanna work with local hardware.

I am looking to back up these files from mulitple remote locations onto the mycloud device back at the home office if you will.

Using the mycloud desktop app doesnt seem to support overwriting folders remotely.  Which seems like a major flaw (weakness)

Please advise.


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How you do that via the Internet to My Cloud???

Would like to have an automated process that can transfert and or delete files from My Cloud via the Internet… Locally it is fine, just map a drive to it and use “Allway Sync” Windows software, but if it’s “My Cloud” how can I do that from the Internet??


Mephistopheles, I am still trying to figure this out, No one from wd has gotten back to me on it either.

Its almost like they only want these cloud devices to “push” or 'serve" information out to other machines on the internet, but have not put the energy into making it easy for “cloud” users to upload entire directory structures.

Being able to overwrite or merge folders seems like an easy fix or update to the Wd My Cloud app.

Again we know how to do this locally but not via the internet at remote locations.

WD Please let us know.