Syncing iPod Shuffle with Passport Essential SE


Yesterday, I purchased a 1 TB portable hard drive (Passport Essential SE), as well as an iPod Shuffle at Best Buy.  Basically, I have all of my (main) files on my desktop computer.  Although it still runs properly, my desktop is getting older, and I wanted to at least back everything up in case the desktop stops working one day.

The backup/transfer process to my Passport Essential SE went smoothly; pretty self-explanatory.  I now have it connected to my Toshiba Netbook (NB305).  I am able to unlock it and view the files that I backed up from my desktop.  I also connected my iPod Shuffle to my NB305 as well.

I would like to know how the best way to go about syncing the iPod Shuffle with iTunes (now backed up to my Passport), through my NB305.  Will I have to download iTunes (without transferring my library) to my NB305 and change the location where files are saved to the Passport?  I don’t have iTunes installed on my Netbook yet, because my desktop computer is currently used for that.  Basically, I just want to be able to access my music from any computer (through my Passport) as well as having the option of adding new music to my iPod.  In a sense, it’s like the new computer would be a “go between” from my iPod Shuffle to my Passport (since I can’t connected the Shuffle to the Passport directly).

Thank you for your assistance or re-direction where to get more information.


Well, the WD Drive is just the destination where the files are located, I recommend that you contact Apple for guidance on how to ‘‘Sync the iPod Shuffle with iTunes (now backed up to my Passport), through your NB305’’.