Syncing folders from My book live to My Cloud Home

I have to sync folders from MBookL to MCloudH. I have not found any WD solution for syncing between those two directly. The only thing I found was to map both as network drive and do it through out the Windows explorer or similar app. It was not possible to map MCloudH. The only possibility was to connect MCloudH through internet and to use either file upload from the internet access to MCH or to use drag and drop folder from MBookL to MCloudH. I have used second option. Now it is running about 4h and it transferred about 200 files from 2190 with aprox 250MB from 2GB in Total. Is there any smarter solution to syncing the folders?

THe solution for W10 was to install WD discovery. Network mapping was done automatically and the rest was peanut.