Syncing Files & Folders

Hi, I have my USB flash drive I use for day to day stuff uploaded onto my personal page. I also have my music folder and photo folder uploaded from a portable hard drive I use. Is there anyway to sync the flash drive & music/photo folders so the file & folders on mybook live are updated when I plug the flash drive and HDD into a PC on my network.

I am also wondering kind of the same thing. I would like to set up certain files on my home computer to sync on my book live drive so that they all stay up to date and I can view them on my iPad and iPhone, without having to physically go in and move those files to the drive. Kind of like an automatic backup of the files in the public or private folders from computer to drive, and even vice versa.

When i bought my ipad and MBL, this was exactly what I hoped for.

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to advise if we can get this functionality. At best, I am currently copying files manually into the public folder and viewing from ipad. Heres what i learnt:

  1. for WD smartware update - one cannot see e files that have been backed up to MBL (hidden)

  2. if you wanted to backup your PC , and view via ipad - sorry it seems not possible

  3. WD2go  - is only a viewer, not editor (not really practical)

  4. only way to view on ipad via WD2go - copy manually to public folder and view from ipad (makes my backup redundant)

So far I have been using a workaround.

  1. copy from PC into dropbox

  2. edit on ipad (dropbox is easy)

  3. save it back to dropbox

  4. come home and upload back into the MBL

very inconvenient.

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Use PureSync, just installed and configured it for my purposes. Works perfekt for Syncs and Backups.


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You shouldn’t have to use a pendrive since WD has a cloud service you could just work with the original file from the WD HDD. That is if you always have internet access and the cloud service.

If not, I second Deer_eye’s suggestion:


It works great when syncing documents and folders. oh, and it’s FREE.