Syncing between computers doesn't work

Hi all,

So i set up a network for my small business and we use an excel file to keep track of the production. In the office we use an iMac (OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5) but in the workshop, we have a small laptop on windows 8.1.

So the file doesn’t sync anymore. When i do changes on the iMac, it saves locally. As in, if i save and close and then reopen it, it’s gonna be the version that was saved on the computer itself (i did this on both the iMac and the laptop).

Before, while having the file opened, if i saved. Then i would get the latest version on the other computer. Now for some reasons, that doesn’t work anymore.

Please ask any questions if you need more info. I should notify that there are about 5-6 uses on this network and it’s the same for all : pressing “sync” button doesn’t really update the file.

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Where does the MyCloud fit into this?

What is the ‘sync’ button you hit? Where? In what program?

If you’re using the MyCloud as a central file server, when you open the excel file, do you open the copy on the MyCloud or the one on your computer(s)?

Can multiple users access the file at the same time? If so, how do you cope with access conflicts? Or do you rely on Excel marking it as open for the first user, and reporting read-only to later accesses?

Did any particular event cause this change in behaviour?

How do you want the system to work?

Hi cpt_paranoia,

I use the MyCloud as a server. So i put the excel file on it and access to the file from different computers so everyone use the same file.

I use “WD my cloud” software. The sync button is the little round arrow next to the drop down where you can select the device if you have more than one, i guess. I just have the “WDMyCloud”.

As said above, i use the file that is on the device, not on the computer.

Yes, multiple can access at once. For access conflit, that’s touchy. From what i understood, it doesn’t work like googledocs obviously and i feel it’s managed not as well with WD My Cloud than with dropbox. So, for now, i just put a sign on the shop computer so that they dont use it at the same time. It’s a bit rudimentary but unless you have a better solution, that’s gonna be it for now.

Any particular event, I cannot think of anything but something might have happened i’m not aware.

Ideally like google doc in which, each cell is independant and you can work in the same sheet without entering in conflict but i guess it’s idealistic. . However, can it block a document when someone is working on it? What i do is that when i work on it, i lock the sheet so that they can’t work on it. Actually whatever helps to avoid mistakes…

I hope that all makes sense, my english isn’t great.

thank you so much for your help!


If all your computers are local to your network, I would suggest mapping the drive into your computers’ file systems, and not using the MyCloud app. See p23 of the English language user manual.

This will allow you to access your MyCloud just like you would any other hard disk connected to your computer. You would not need to sync your computer to the MyCloud then, as you should always be using the networked MyCloud drive.

No-one else uses my network, so I’ve never tried to see if Office locks documents in some way (it does on the network servers at work).

My suspicion is that, somehow, you are accessing a copy of the file on your computers, not on the MyCloud. This might occur if you saved the document whilst someone else had it opened first. I’m speculating here…

Hi cpt,

I think i’ve done that already, i have access to the drive both via the Finder on my iMac and the software “WD My Cloud”. Is that what you mean by mapping the drive?

When it worked fine, that happened and i did save a copy but then it creates a file with the original name + the datehour of the copy. So i could add the changes to the original…

It’s really annoying. I’ll call the technical support tomorrow and see what they say.

Thanks anyway!


Is that what you mean by mapping the drive?

See p23 of the English language user manual…