Synchronous Backup

Let me preface this by saying- I am not a Techie. My son is the Techie, and he has moved out of state so I’m somewhat on my own on this one. 

I’ve been hearing about the crypto-locker virus, and asked the IT guy at work about it. He said if I backed up my computer, there would be no problem, I could just restore the entire computer from the backup and everything would be fine, so I looked up how to back up my entire hard drive for restoration. Seems like it’s called “synchronous backup”, and there are numerous programs out there to do it with (none of which I understand). I’m looking at buying a 1 TB external drive to do it on, and portable seems a good idea since I live in a condo and if there is a fire in the condos it would be far easier to grab that than my whole computer on the way out the door. 

My questions are these-

1- I’m looking at the MyPasport drives and am having difficulty determining which one is best for my purposes. It’s a home computer, not a business computer- which one is best for that? I know that a 1 TB drive is overkill to copy my computer on, but better safe than sorry. And I’m sure I’ll find something else to put on there.

2- I’m looking at the backup software but nowhere do I see the advertisements for either the regular or “pro” say the word “synchronous” so I have no clue if the WD software is what I need

3- If the WD software isn’t’ what I need, can I get another software and put it on the drive or will it conflict with the WD software and mess everything up completely?



1 - I’d take an Elements over a Passport because they are more “plain” and don’t use special drivers or tools. Other than that, the main differences between Passport models are on size, case material and bundled programs.

2 - The Smartware software that comes with Passport does not do a full system backup or synchronization, not even on the Pro version.

3 - You can use any software you like. They install on your computer (Not the drive).