Synchronizing Multiple WD TV Live Media Players - Is this possible


I am preparing a multi screen video installation for an art exhibition and am looking for a system that will allow me to synchronize 6 High Definition video streams. Is the WD TV Live or other WD TV media players capable of receiving a signal from a  computer or internally to tell it to play a specific file at a given moment? My requirement is to start all the video streams simultaneously, and at the end of the file playback, to repeat and stay synchronized.

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Have you considered doing it manually:

6 Wd’s with usb stick (each with specific movie) and one remote for all, ‘Options’ set to ‘Repeat All’. Movies will continue to play until ‘Stop’ is pressed.

Movies will have to be exactly the same length to remain synchronised.

All WD’s will have to be within range of the remote control.

15M HDMI high speed cables are available off the shelf

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I’ve found that with time, projects I’ve done with DVD players will go out of synch, sometimes quite fast. If the jump from end of file to replay isn’t the same for each player, the synch goes out the window fast. 

I’m looking at some custom built networked players, but if there’s something that already exists… I would rather do that.


The only way to do this reliably is to use the TV’s internal Multi-Panel logic.   Most of the higher end panels do that; you feed them all the same video stream, and each individual panel is configured as to which portion to display…

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Did you had any answer to your question, beside this forum?

I am looking for the same solution for multi-screen sync.

Please let me know if you found something.


I got a response from Western Digital saying that it wasn’t possible to sync multiple players. Good luck!