Synchronising Photos from Mutiple Devices

Hi there,

I am very interested in the MyCloud Mirror unit but need to verify something before purchasing.

I have multiple devices in our family (iPhone / iPad / Windows PC) and want to sink them all to the MyCloud server via my Single DropBox account in order to make the images available from anywhere. The main element I need though is that each device’s photos needs to be kept separate in their own folders and shared with others if necessary. Is this possible and if so how is it done?

Can the sync happen on my WLAN to the MyCloud Mirror server and it then replicates it to mr DropBox account, as this would be preferable than having the files go into the cloud from the device and down from the cloud onto the server when both devices could transfer far quicker on the LAN?



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

With he DropBox application on the Unit you are able to sync your DropBox account on the drive, you can also do selective sync so you can sync an specific path on your DropBox account.

Hope this helps you out.