Synchronising my WD My Cloud device with my Apple Mac

How can I synchronise my WD My cloud device with my Apple Mac. I normally drag files into the WD my cloud folder on my computer. I would rather set it up so it synchronises automatically. Could you confirm how I can do this?

Any third party sync or backup software, depending exactly on what you want to achieve.

I use FreeFileSync; it does backup, manual, scheduled and real-time sync, as you see fit.

Or WD Sync, but you might want read some of the threads about problems people have.

Thanks for the quick response. I would ideally like to backup to the WD my cloud device if possible. Where can I find threads on problems people have?

FreeFileSync will work with the MyCloud. Just map the Shares as network drives, then use them just like any HDD connected to your Mac.

Use the ‘magnifying glass’ to search the forum for previous discussions.

Use Apple’s Time Machine to backup to the My Cloud. It should be noted that Syncing and Backing up are slightly different functions.

If you haven’t done so already you should read the My Cloud User Manual which explains the various functions/features of the My Cloud and how to use them. The User Manual can be downloaded from the following WD Support website.