Synchronisieren von Kontakten, Notizen, iCal mit My Cloud hime

Can anybody give me an advice and information concerning the ability of the MyCloud home facility to synchronize address data, notices, iCal entries etc. between a Macbook and the iPhone? Is the MyCloud home facility able to do that the same way comfortable way Apples iCloud is doing that?

The My Cloud Home and My Cloud are two different devices with different features/options. If you have a My Cloud Home device see the dedicated subforum for that device.

This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud device which may use different software than the My Cloud Home device.

For My Cloud device users they can use any mobile app that supports saving mobile files/data to a network attached storage device. Or use software one a computer that performs the same function when the mobile device is connected to the computer.

Thanks for your response.
Unfortunately I still don’t understand the difference. Anyway, can you answer my question, if any of the devices is able to synchronise the apps wich an Apple iPhone is typically delivered with, (like “Contacts”, “Notes”, “Reminders” and “Calendar”) with the equivalent apps on my Apple Macbook? From using the Apple iCloud I’m used to any entry into one of the apps on my Macbook being synchronised with the equivalent apps on my iPhone (and vice versa) immediately, wich is very comfortable. I want to become independent from the Apple iCloud by using my own cloud without missing that convenience. Is one of the devices “My Cloud” or “My Cloud home” able to do that job?

Since this is not the Home forum, the users here (that’s us) probably don’t own Home devices, so cannot help.

The MyCloud devices themselves don’t support backup of anything from anything; you need an app to do that. The MyCloud is simply a NAS with some remote access facility.

The WD Mobile app for Android and iOS will backup pictures and videos, but nothing else.

Therefore you would need some other app to backup your iPhone settings; search the App Store.

See the following WD Knowledgebase article that explains some of the differences between the two different devices.

The My Cloud by it self does not backup anything from computer or mobile device. Instead one needs to install software on their computer, or an app on their mobile device in order to backup that computer or device to the My Cloud. One can see the Apple or Google store an search for an app that meets their needs for backing up their mobile device to another location such as a network attached storage device like the My Cloud. iTunes should provide some backup capabilities to Apple mobile devices.

Both the My Cloud an My Cloud Home have mobile apps. See the WD Learning center for more information on the mobile apps for each device and their features/limitations.

There is some discussion of backing up Apple devices at this link:

And see this discussion in the Apple support forums: