Synchronise photos from mobile to folder on computer

hi, I would like to synchronise the photos took from my mobile to a forder into the wd mycloud on my computer. How can I do? of course I can go to the web and login to my account to see it but I would prefer to get a folder on my computer that would be much more easier to manage it. is there any way to doing that?
and from my mobile I can see everything from my own computer and my computer from work but computer from work and home computer are not syncro… I already took so long time to find how to solve this problem but I’m really lost now… please I need help :slight_smile:
Thank you

You should take the time to read through the My Cloud User Manual ( and or the My Cloud Learning Center ( which explains how to use the My Cloud device including how to use the My Cloud mobile apps for Android and iOS to backup the pictures/movies on one’s mobile device to their My Cloud.