Synching / Reformatting MyPassport

I have two laptops.  I used MyPassport to fully backup my old laptop.  I then bought a new laptop and transferred all of my files to the new one (using USB drives).  I then subsequently backed up the new laptop on the same MyPassport hard drive.

So essentially I now have two copies of the same files on MyPassport.

I now want to synchronize MyPassport so that it only has 1 copy of the files.  How do I do that?  Is there some form of Synching software?  Or do I have to completely erase all of the data on the MyPassport and start from scratch?  If I need to do the latter, won’t I also be erasing the WD softward that exists on MyPassport?  How can I replace the software?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

One more thing - I have looked everywhere for the mysterious “WD sync” software and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the WD website.  Have they discontinued the software?  I registered my hard drive and everything, but to no avail.

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