Synching Playlists from a PC?

I use an application on my PC called Mediamonkey, which has a pretty awesome playlist system. How do I sync those playlists to the WD device? Is there a special method? Copying them over directly doesn’t work, as the directory structures on the media device are different.

I don’t know about Mediamonkey, but you can use Playlist Creator and set it to save the entries as Relative. 

This will set the entries as:  .\Myfolder\MyMusic.mp3  this will cause it to ignore the structure except the folder & file.

So if you have music on you HUB and access that music from you PC it  might look like Z:\Music\Artist\Album\music.mp3, and if you set Playllist Creator to Relative it would add the entry as .\Music\Artist\Album\music.mp3, so that it will ignore the drive letter.

This is if you have network access to your HUB, and you won’t have to copy the playlist to your HUB because you can create the playlist directly to the HUB, just select the “Save location” as the HUBs location.

If you don’t have network access from your PC, then you may have to edit the playlist so that shows the right location, or if you are using the files on your PC to create the playllist, then the folder structure has to be the same as it is on the HUB (except for the drive letter).

I figured out a multi-step workaround for now.

  1. Export all playlists from Mediamonkey to a folder

  2. Open all playlists at once in that folder using Notepad++

  3. Find and Replace all “D:\Files” with “…” in all files at once, save to new folder.

  4. Copy all those modified playlists to my chosen folder on the device.

Works well, but takes a minute. I need to find a way to automate this.

You may be able to open your current playlist in the program mentioned above (playlist creator) and then just re-save it using the relative setting.