Synching Mypassport with PC

I’ve looking everywhere for an answer, YOutube, google, this forum, knowledge base, etc.  Pleae help if you can.

  1. I use my passport as a portable hard drive as I take it to my office and just save all of my changes to the passport.

  2. My home PC has a version of what is on my passport, but that version is probably 1 year old, which means and new files I put on my passport are not on my pc.

  3. I need to back up the passport to the PC, so the pc has all the files that are on the passport.

  4. In my WD smartware, I only see an option to back up the pc to the passport, not the other way around.

  5. I also do NOT see a way to just synch the files so that whatever is on my passport will be on the pc and vice versa.

My concern is losing the data on the passport if I do a back up to the pc.

thanks in advance,


What OS are you using? MS has an app to sync I think it’s called Sync Toy. I use a paid one GoodSync. I think it has a free trial.


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Thanks. Why is there not a sync feature within WD? I am almost to the point of finding another hard drive that will offer this function.

I will look those up.

Windows 8

In the past couple of days I’ve been in several forums, MS, Acronis and others and there seems to be a consensus that Win 8 has a few issues. Try the free 8.1 update, I’ve read that that helps. I just bought a new computer with win 8 and after installing all of it’s patches I updated. haven’t had an issue with syncing.