Synching MY Book Live with My Cloud

This morning at home I changed some files on mybook live. Using dashboard I created a new share (Movies) and then I moved a number of movie files from my Public folder (share) to the Movie folder (share).
I also “copied" a few files to Movies and then deleted the original file that was in “public”

Now I am accessing remotely the MyCloud website and logged in. It is showing the folders (shares) as they were before changes made. Why did the changes I made not show up on MyCloud? I cannot see the "Movies folder (share) and any files I moved from Public or deleted from Public, are still showing in Public?

btw I use Windows 8 at home and Win 7 on the remote computer , and Explorer on both.

Hi terrydaytripper,

I would recommend you to remotely access from other web browser apart from Internet Explorer. Sometimes, this issue may be due to My Cloud indexing from My Cloud server on Internet Explorer.

If issue still the same, power cycle the My Cloud device and access using another web browser.