Syncable file sharing is a MUST to keep WD up with the others

 I am aware there are other posts on this subject but I started a new one so my comments would not just get lost and it raised people’s awareness yet again.

I am hoping that WD have already taken this on board but a gentle nudge never hurts.

In this post I am talking about a 4Gb (2 x 2Gb) My Cloud Mirror and below I am referring to it as MCM.

At present and for several years I had a cloud storage with the name of MOZY. Their backup is called Mozy Home.

I have that backup running twice a day on all the files I have chosen.

Within that package they have a product called Mozy Sync. That backs up files I have allocated it to immediately I press save.

I have Mozy Home and and Mozy sync on my Windows 7 PC at home, on my laptop I travel around with, my laptop permenantly based in Egypt and my iPhone.

With Mozy Sync, any alteration I make on a file and save is automatically updated on all my other devices.

So like other applications, I can start on one and finish on another.

It is great when I go to Egypt. I get there knowing my selected files are up to date. I make alterations during my time there and know that on my return home, without the machine I had been working on in Egypt, that all the files are up to date on my home PC

I have my MCM set to automatic which in effect does the same as my Mozy Sync.

I am able to view the most up to date files on all my other machines.

Great but that’s where it stops.

I can view them on my other machines but I cannot work on them, save them or sync the working copies.

As mentioned before the sync capability is on Dropbox, Google Drive and not I have added MOZY to the list to name but a few.

So at present I have to continue paying a monthly fee to MOZY but I hope in the near future WD will CATCH UP.

I think MCM is a wonderful piece of kit and I would like to see it takeover as my primary and only backup and sync.

I personally cannot afford to not have my files synced. I gave up using Flash Drives ages ago.


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