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I’m almost convinced in buying WD my cloud for our SMB company, but I have still one question I can´t seem to found the answer…

With the desktop app, can we sync data? I mean, let´s say user A creates a file in a private WD shared folder, users B and C in other pcs with the same app, will also see file and subfolders modifications right?

Thanks in advance.


As long as an user have access to the folder, they will be able to see the files once they are updated.

The WD My Cloud app allows you to connect to the drive and access whatever files have been added and/or updated.

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Is there a way the software can act as any web-based cloud, along with the personal hard drive ? That is, if changes made from one terminal would synchronise back to other terminals through the personal cloud (hard drive), without using any web-based storage ? In other words, keep a local copy of the files on each terminal that would update on all terminals, if a file is changed on any one terminal ? Of course, this would use the personal hard drive, as a central repository, instead of a web-based cloud account.