Sync with usb

Hi, since i download the second last version the usb sync doesnt work anymore. I can see the folder and the files on the WDTVLIVEHUB (y:) but it never appears when i try to see it on the wdtv live hub. I tried to move, copy, slide the files in another folder and nothing work,. I still have 223 gig on it.

Thank you for the help.

I just want to say that i did restart  it and i turned off and on again the media library and it doesnt work either.

I just tried to put it on the wdtv with my wi-fi signal and i have the same problem. I see the movie in the wdtvlive y: on my cpu but the number of new files on the wdtv live hub doesnt get bigger and i dont see the movie. Even after the refresh of the media library.

Sorry if im not clear, i’m french