Sync vs Local Storage Confusion

II’ve added a WD 2TB My Book to my hub.  What I want to do is list all my movies on both the hub and the external drive when I go to the Video folder.  I have the display that shows all of the thumbnails at bottom, the large thumbnail and the backdrop with the description of the movie.

It looks like if I sync it, it will copy all of the movies from the external drive to the hub.  I can either select the hub or external source for the storage, but it will only show the thumbs from the one selected. 

Finally… My question is how do I get the hub to display the movies from the hub and external drive at the same time.

Make sure the media library is turned on and then wait for compiling.

Select movies. Press red button and select ‘Local storage’ and then select '‘All local storage’.

The hub will now consolidate all your movies into the library.


Thanks, I will give it a try later tonight

It worked.  Sort of…  I think it was a little buggy.  I did what you said and they did not all show up in the library until I changed the filter from what I had it, to something else and then back.  Once I changed it back they all showed up.

Anyway, thank you!